World Hunger Day 2014 | A Celebration for the Sustainable End of Hunger and Poverty | 28 May, 2014

World Hunger Day 2014

Empowering People, Ending Hunger

Millions of women, children & men are taking steps to end their own hunger. We are celebrating and we’re singing One World One Song, the stunning ‘ending hunger and poverty anthem’ from Dionne Warwick & Joe McElderry.

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World Hunger Day is an annual event which celebrates sustainable solutions to ending extreme hunger and poverty. With a key focus on genuine partnership, it seeks to highlight the positive actions taken by those existing on less than £1 ($1.25) per day, to end their own hunger. More

World Hunger Day 2014 will be celebrated on Wednesday 28 May, 2014 – keep in touch with the event schedule.

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One World One Song

The Hunger Project launches of a new one-of-a-kind single performed by five-time Grammy award winner, Dionne Warwick together with X-Factor winning pop icon, Joe McElderry.
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Support World Hunger Day

We have teamed up with the Global Poverty Project and Action Challenge to launch a series of challenges throughout 2013 in support of World Hunger Day. Live Below the Line until 29 June. More. Walk for Hunger Thames Path Challenge.

Wherever you are Do Something Great to end hunger– how to get involved
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Mobilise to create your own Event

Planning your own fundraising event? We really need grassroots fundraisers like you to create your own World Hunger Day event to support The Hunger Project.

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Whether you want to walk, bake or rake, use the talents you have and get involved.

Need inspiration? – Fundraising Ideas. Have fun and don’t forget to share your ideas with us, they might inspire others to get involved too.

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World Hunger Day 2014

World Hunger Day 2014 will be celebrated on Wednesday 28 May, 2014 – keep in touch with the event schedule.

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World Hunger Day was created by the team at The Hunger Project UK
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