Registration Checklist for the Thames Path Challenge in aid of The Hunger Project

Registration Checklist

Registering for the Thames Path Challenge is simple but it’s handy to have this information to hand

  • Full name
  • AddressThe famous Thames Path Challenge pre-event warm-up, stretch
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Next of Kin (contact details)
  • T-Shirt size
  • D.O.B
  • Valid debit/credit card for registration payment

If you are registering as a team you will be required to register first, create the ‘Team Name’ and then you’ll be able to send a link out to your team members so they can join you.

The registration form will ask you to input your email address to start the registration process and select whether you are entering the 22/28km, 50km, 72km or 100km distance. Make sure you have decided which route you would prefer – For options for the 22/28km,  see our 25km Walk or Run page,  or the 50km options are Putney Bridge to Runnymede (Sat – daytime) and Runnymede to Henley (Sat – daytime or overnight).

Just give us a bell if you need some advice on picking the right choice – 07958 726 301

Read more about the four stunning 25km routes here | Register for 2016

•28km walkers (Putney – Hurst Park): 10.15am Saturday AM
•22km walkers (Hurst Park – Runnymede): 1.30pm Saturday PM
•22km walkers (Runnymede – Cookham): 8.30am Saturday AM
•28km walkers (Cookham – Henley): 8am Sunday AM
•50km daytime walkers (Putney – Runnymede): 7.45 – 8.30am Saturday AM
•50km daytime walkers (Runnymede – Henley): 8.30am Saturday AM
•50km night-time walkers (Runnymede – Henley): 10pm Saturday PM
•72km (Hurst Park, nr Hampton Court – Henley): Midday – 1pm Saturday PM
•100km walkers (Non-stop, through day and night): 8 – 11am Saturday AM

•100km (2 day option): 8.20-11am, Saturday & 6am sharp, Sunday AM

•28km runners (Putney – Hurst Park): 7-7.30am Saturday AM
•22km runners (Runnymede – Cookham): 12 Noon Saturday PM
•50km runners (Putney – Runnymede): 7-7.45am Saturday AM
•50km runners (Runnymede – Henley): 12 Noon Saturday
•72km (Hurst Park, nr Hampton Court – Henley): 7-7.30am Saturday AM
•100km runners: 7-7.45am Saturday AM

Should you experience any problems completing registration don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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