Video and Picture Highlights | London 2 Brighton Challenge 2014 | Supporting The Hunger Project UK

London 2 Brighton | Video and Pictures

Watch TeamI’s (Damian, Graham and Joe) Video Diary from London 2 Brighton Challenge supporting The Hunger Project.

For all the pictures from London2Brighton Challenge – visit our Fickr Channel.
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London 2 Brighton Challenge 2012 | The Hunger Project
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Why join Team Hunger

The Hunger Project is committed to the sustainable end of world hunger and poverty. In Africa, South Asia and Latin America, we seek to end hunger and poverty by empowering people to lead lives of self-reliance, meet their own basic needs and build better futures for their children.

With 392,000 locally trained volunteer leaders across the developing world training millions of others to take the steps to end their own hunger and poverty your support is giving the one in seven of us (living on less than 80 pence a day), a hand-up!

The Hunger Project Bangladesh GrassRoots WomenAchieving the sustainable end of hunger means creating a new future for all humanity, a future where:

  • every day, every person has enough of the right food to be healthy and productive;
  • babies are born healthy and strong, and girl babies are prized as much as boy babies;
  • children stay alive, so parents can have smaller families;
  • women and girls are full partners in society;
  • people have control over their own lives and destinies, and all individuals have a chance to contribute; and
  • values of respect for humanity and nature flourish.

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