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How We Spend Our Funds

In every country where we work, The Hunger Project is committed to meeting the highest standards for charitable organisations.

For every year of our operations, The Hunger Project has received an unqualified independent audit. The Hunger Project is listed as the The Hunger Project Trust in the UK. Registered charity number 326688.

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What We Spent Our Funds On

What a gift can do

£15 could provide work-books and chalk to one of our nursery schools in Africa.
£30 could provide antimalarial bednets to five families in Peru.
£60 could support a training course for women in Bangladesh.
£300 could allow a community in Malawi to purchase food processing equipment.
£600 could enable a community to drill a borehole to provide safe drinking water in Benin

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Event Calendar

Forthcoming Events and Milestones for The Hunger Project
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