‘An evening of advocacy at the pub’ with Dr John Coonrod

7 January, 2015
Posted by Charlotte Coyte

07 January, 2015
An evening of advocacy and learning for Hunger Project Investors with Dr John Coonrod, Executive Vice-President of The Hunger Project – London. Read More >>

2015: A Pivotal Year to Rethink World Hunger

6 January, 2015
Posted by Sophie Noonan

06 January, 2015
‘2015 is a pivotal year to change the future of people and our planet and important international decisions will be made that will shape the roadmap to end hunger and poverty as the MDGs end’ – Sophie Noonan >> Read More

01, December 2014
This World AIDS Day, join us in honouring the progress that has been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS and in rallying our world to end the pandemic once and for all!

01 November 2014
We invest in the transformation of individuals into leaders. And then, in partnership, we make dreams reality. At The Hunger Project, we dare people to think. And now, we dare ourselves to rethink.. Read More >>

Rethinking What Is Possible – Women and Leadership

20 September, 2014
Posted by Sophie Noonan

20 September, 2014
The odds stacked against them: a lack of food, health care and education.. Still some women leaders succeed in transforming their communities. Read More >>